Nushar: Smart MASTER Coat

Nushar: Smart Master Coat


Global warming has become a well known term. The consequence of it is impossible to measure. To cool our house and save ourselves from the hot atmosphere has made us resort to means (like ACs and Coolers) which in turn adds to the  global  warming. There  is  another  problem  in  many  of  the households. The  roof  seepages  and  dampness  in  the  walls  spoils the house from inside by way of peeling out paints, visibility  of  damp patches etc.

 Both, heating of buildings and water leakage/seepage visible  on  walls  was keenly observed and sensed and found that there is no easy and economical solution / process available in the market to solve these problems. Finally, after long Research and Development, a solution consisting multi polymers, co-polymers and cross linked polymers was developed. The property like heat, water, UV, Electricity resistant Smart Master Coat chemical was successfully produced.

Due to Global Warming, atmospheric temperatures are increasing continuously, causes increase in heating of building structures ,which makes life difficult and results in in-efficient working. To prevent high heating of building it is necessary to thermal insulate the building structures.´╗┐

 High temperature variations result into thermal stress fatigue due to expansion and contraction of building structure. Consequently cracks development takes place. Ultimately resulting water seepage  through cracks in rainy season. ´╗┐

 Water is the most destructive weathering element of concrete, masonry & natural stone structures. Water continuously  damage or completely destroy more buildings & structures than war or natural disasters.´╗┐

 Water & moisture infiltration is also responsible for mold formation & that related with the health issue of building occupants.


  • Material penetrates in the surface which covers and seals all the invisible pores resulting in 100% water proofing´╗┐
  • High drop in Internal temperature.
  • Reduces electricity bills used for cooling the building.
  • A more productive working environment without air conditioning.
  • You can walk on roof surface even in peak sun light.
  • Roof is protected from thermal shock due to varying sun load.
  • High crack bridging ability.
  • Remarkable elasticity to cope up with thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Environmentally safe and convenient to apply.
  • Non toxic food grade film after curing.´╗┐

How to repair



  • Clean the surface thoroughly, as it should be free from dust, oil, grease or any free/loose particle.
  • Remove the existing paint layer/coatings before application.
  • It is recommended to use wire brush followed by sanding with emery.
  • Water wash the surface before smart master coat application.


  • Mix/stir the material thoroughly.
  • Apply the first coat (SMC : Water = 2 : 1).
  • Wait for minimum 1 to 2 hour & then apply second coat (Pure SMC).
  • Confirm that after third or fourth coat the surface is opaque.
  • Let the final coat cure for 20-40 hours before use.


PROCESS FOR REPAIRING CRACKS (Fibre re-inforcement technique)

Apply first coat of Smart Master Coat (SMC : Water = 2 : 1).  Wait for 10-20 minutes.

Fill the crack with Nushar’s Poly Fillastomer paste (Crack filling polymer compound)

Apply the second coat of Smart Master Coat.

Immediately lay a strong cotton cloth dipped in Smart Master Coat on the crack area and press the cloth with iron blade.

After waiting for next 20-30 minutes apply two or more coats on the cloth.

This product  has  good  strength, economical, very  effective, easy to use and durable. The  product  is in use since 2004. The product is 'Multi in one'. When applied on terrace, it prevents from heating and water seepage. The product is expected to last for more than 10 years  and  it even  saves  upto  70%  of the electricity  by  reducing  the use of AC and coolers. By using as primer coat on exteriors and interiors  Plus Single  Coat of Polymer Putty (Nushar Brand only), the life of the building can be increased. Similarly, overhead tanks can also be protected from heating in the summers, thereby increasing the life of the overhead tanks too.