Nushar: Smart C.C.P. Mix

New Age Cement Concrete Polymer Mix+


Solution for Damp-free and salt-free walls

Long life and maintenance free additive for new plaster

Crack repair additive


High Bonding ( Anti-Erosion)

Application Process

Shake Well Before Use

Add Suggested Percentage of C.C.P Mix+ In water

Add The Mixture In Cement & Sand

Clean The Surface And Dry It Properly

Apply The Mixture To The Desired Areas And Let The Mixture To Be Cured Till 12-18 hours


(Water: Smart C.C.P. Mix+)

5-105% of water

10-15% of water

15-25% of water

Corner repairs

High Bond & Maintenance/Free Wall Plasters

Damp & Salt Proof Walls

Water Resistant Mortar & Plasters

Water Reducing & Anti-errosion Plasters

Plasters Near Bathroom/Kitchen



Inside Water Tanks


Application Procedure:

  • Solution for Damp free and salt free walls, add 20-25% Smart C.C.P. Mix+ in Water for Cement Mortar. Note: Use 15-20% less Mixture Water in Cement Mortar.
  • Crack Repair Additive
  • Anti Shrinkage
  • For Terrace Water Proofing: Add 1 ltr. Smart CCP Mix+ in 1.5 to 2 kg Cement and apply by brush
  • Add it in Water Base Primer and Make it Water Proof
  • Add it in Distemper and increase the life of Distemper
  • For making Water Resistant Tile Adhesives, add 10% in Water for Cement Mortar
  • For Corner Repairs, add 5-10% Smart CCP Mix+ of Water in Cement Mortar/P.O.P. etc


General Specification

Type                      : Liquid

Viscosity              : 15.7 Sec

Color                     : Milky White

Coverage             : Depends on thickness of Plaster or R.C.C.


Application Areas




Water Storage Tank


R.C.C. (Surface Repair)

Crack Repair


Packing Available: 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr.