Nushar: Smart MORTA-CARE

New Age Cement Strengthening Compound


Smart Morta-care is a chemical admixture that is to be added to concrete mixtures to improve workability and strength by helping the cement to react and cure fully. Unless the mix is “starved” of water, the strength of concrete is inversely proportional to the amount of water added or water-cement (w/c) ratio. In order to produce stronger concrete, less water is to added, which makes the concrete mixture less workable and difficult to mix, necessitating the use of Smart Morta Care for good workability.


  • Improves Workability
  • Water Reducer
  • Improves Strength
  • Reduces Surface Erosion
  • Fast Curing
  • Reduces Surface Cracks
  • Economical

Direction of use

1. Add 1 - 1.5% of Smart Morta Care in water (eg. add 2-3 ltr. of Smart Morta Care in 200 ltrs. of  water)


    Add 400 to 500 ml of Smart Morta Care in Cement Mortar of one Bag  Cement.

2. Stir it thoroughly before use.

3. Use this chemically prepared water for preparing mortar/plaster.

Note:  Use of Water must be reduced to 15-25% in Cement Mortar for Best Result.


Appearance         : Tan brown Liquid.

Density                : 1.193

Viscosity              : 14.45 sec.

Dosage                : 1-2 % of water

Storage                : Cool & dry place @25 degree celdius

Solubility              : Water soluble

Water reduction  : upto 20% [Concrete, Mortar, Plaster

Packing Available: 200ml, 500ml, 1ltr., 5ltr., 200ltr.