Tensile Membrane


Tensile Structures are architecturally innovative forms of construction art and provide designers and end users a variety of aesthetic free-form structures.
The beauty of tensile structures and their seamless integration into existing environments is deceptive. Many of these designs are extremely complex, as are the engineering principles that go into their construction.



  1. Greater possibility of sculpting creative/fresh 3-D structures
  2. Energy efficient with controlled transmission of natural light, combined with excellent solar protection
  3. Perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality
  4. Material is recyclable and 'green' eco-friendly
  5. Design life of more than 30 years thus can last generations
  6. Easy maintenance and cleansing can be done through hot/cold water/simple rainwater and has self cleaning finish and properties
  7. Extremely light-weight/practically zero load. 1/4th the weight of glass and also can offer 100%transparency
  8. Monolithic application and thus pleasant on eyes
  9. Easily packable
  10. Wide range of colors. Creates interactive and vibrant Interior environment that can blend with the building architecture
  11. Dismountable structures with good acoustical properties
  12. Rapid form of construction
  13. Team of Archineers to produce creative, articulate functional and futuristic designs


Airport Buildings, Marinas and Walkways, Transport Infrastructure, Sports arenas, Atria, Convention centres, Entertainment and Leisure, Car parks and shades, Public, Commercial and Exclusive Residential spaces.