Smart Infill Walls

Everest Smart Infill Walls


Infill Walls is a lightweight substitute of the Conventional Brick work. This is the blend of hollow dry wall and solid partitions which provide non load bearing partition. This solution provides the solidarity of Brick work and Flexibility of Drywall to accommodate all plumbing, electrical and other services. It is combination of dry and wet process with very little water. 
Being Lightweight, it will expedite the complete construction process and also reduce consumption of steel and concrete. These partitions can be used to divide the various spaces such as room to room, room to toilet, room to kitchen and so on. These are light weight, slim, solid, faster to erect and environmental friendly solution to replace brick work and block work. This is making significant contribution in saving time and protecting environment in Taiwan and other Countries.



Everest Smart Infill Walls are the ideal alternative for conventional masonry and other partition materials and systems.

  • Sleeker wall section increases the carpet area. 
  • No hollow sound when knocking; Solid Core Wall. 
  • Fast and easy management of all services without chiseling - It incorporates electrical, plumbing and all other conduits before filling and removes hassles of chiseling. 
  • High Strength yet Lightweight - 3 times lighter than masonry. Allows greater lengths and higher spans with less structural intervention for design flexibility. Reduces concrete & steel needs by 10%, if included since planning stage. 
  • Conserves Resources & Environment-friendly – Requires less natural resources like water, sand etc thus reduces Carbon Footprint by using less resources and energy. Uses only 10% of water as brickwork making it ideal for water-scarce areas. 
  • Anchoring is possible. 
  • Pre-Finished Surface – eliminate Plastering and POP Punning activities thus faster construction and Smart Infill wall is complete in just 10 days, ready for painting. Build 30% faster than brickwork 
  • “Superior Seismic and Impact Resistance”- Due to less dead load, offers higher resistance during earth quake. 
  • Ensures Consistent Quality & Utilises Less Labour. 
  • Speed of Construction that will result in Early Pay Back. 
  • Ease of reconfiguration and architectural design possibilities. 
  • Excellent Thermal, Sound Insulation and Fire Resistance – Reduces HVAC load thus OPEX cost and comfortable living. 
  • Clean and Clear Site & Carbon Footprint Reduction 
  • Strengths of Infill Wall 
  • Light Weight 
  • Time Saving Solution 
  • Environment Friendly Approach 
  • Energy Efficient Solution 
  • Good for Remote Locations. 
  • Uniform Quality 
  • Double Height Partitions are possible. 
  • Less thickness :Space Saving. 
  • Curve, inclined partitions are easy to construct. 
  • Prefinished Surface. 

Fab Savings

Prefinished Surface Eliminate Plastering and POP Punning

Good Base finish for Surface finishing.

Faster construction, ready for paint in 10 days.
Sleeker sections Space Saving More Carpet Area
High Impact resistance Strong Walls Less Maintenance
Less Water requirement Require almost 10% Water of brick work Good for Water scarce areas
Service slots provided

Flow of infill material

Accommodation of conduits

Uniform flow of infill ensures strength

Faster Construction, no chiseling

Specialized GI Studs Used

No Corrosion

High Yield Strength

Longer life

Good impact strength.

Low Density & Low Porosity Arrests Seepage and Leakage

Higher Durability

Longer Life




Fire Resistance Up to 2 Hours
Sound Insulation 42 db
Impact Strength Severe Duty
Weight 50kg/Sqm
Thickness 80mm
Height Up to 7.2m