Tent London is one of the largest design trade shows taking place during the London Design Festival and described as the most creative event in the design calendar.

Extraordinary interiors products are shown from over 200 established independents and undiscovered talents; accompanied by spectacular installations, inspirational talks, and presentations from country pavilions. 

Over 20,000 international trade buyers, high calibre specifiers, opinion forming media and design savvy public from 52 different countries attend the four-day event. Now in its seventh year, it is regarded as the most cutting-edge and progressive trade exhibition internationally and a must attend for those who need to be seen with their finger on the pulse.

Find inspiration for your next project whilst sourcing and purchasing the next big thing.


Shelters are not normally used for sleeping. Instead they may act as a store or provide shelter from sun, rain, or dew.

A fly (or flysheet) consists of a single rectangular sheet of material. Two opposite sides are held up in the middle by poles, or sometimes just a rope between conveniently placed trees. The tops of the poles are attached via guy ropes to pegs, in order to keep the poles upright. Additional guy ropes are attached to the lower edges to pull them outwards away from the poles.

A Gazebo uses a framework of metal poles to support a roof. This structure provides a lot more usable space than does a flysheet, since the gently sloping roof allows for a reasonable amount of headroom even at the edges (like a frame tent). Because a gazebo is free-standing, it is often used as a shelter for a temporary shop at a fair or street market.

A beach tent is often a simplified form of dome tent and provide a useful (relatively sand-free) place to temporarily store beach equipment, but are at most showerproof. Some beach tents use specially treated fabric which is opaque to ultra-violet light, and so provide some protection against sunburn. Maximum height is typically about 120 cm (4 ft), and they are usually not large enough for an adult to lie down in.

A Fishermen's tent is also a modified dome tent, often with a projecting awning high enough to sit under, but sometimes with no closable doorway.